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About us

Velpak Ltd. was established in 1994. to produce packages of all types of corrugated cardboard.
In 1998. the company has introduced cutting machines for automatic packaging, making them more precise and quality.
It is also put into operation and one color flexo printing, which printed all packs of micro, three and petplastov cardboard.
Two years later, in 2000. was purchased and put into service machinery for the production of double-layer corrugated cardboard with a working width of 1300mm and laminating machine with the same working width and unlimited dimensions in length worktop on kyaot be masked all kinds velpapeta with papers from 80 to 500g / m2 full-color printing.
Production capacity double-layer micro is over 400 tons, and other corrugated packaging around 500,000 per month. Since 2008. In production company has implemented a new flexographic machine that has the ability to 2, 3 and 4 color flexo who works at a speed of 2500 - 3000br. hour.
In 2006. The company is certified to ISO 9001: 2000, which significantly improves its production and customer relationships.
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